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2006 Flag Football Schedule

Field (A)=  Bedford Elementary Field

Field (B)=  Snake Spring Field

Field (C)= Snake SpringPony League Field


TUES. 9-19              THURS 9-21

3@1 (A)                   2@3 (A)

7@6 (B)


TUES.9-26            THURS. 9-28

5@7 (A)                 5@4 (A)

4@1 (B)                1@6 (B)


TUES.10-3          THURS. 10-5

7@2 (A)               4@7 (B)

6@5 (C)               6@3 (A)

3@4 (B)              2@5 (C)


TUES.10-10         THURS. 10-12

7@1 (A)              1@2 (B)

4@2 (B)              3@5 (C)

                           6@4 (A)


TUES. 10-17

1@5 (C)

6@2 (B)

7@3 (A)


4TH @ 1ST

3RD @ 2ND























FLAG FOOTBALL registration for boys in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6, who are not 13 by November 1, will be conducted on Tuesday, September 5th.  Registration will be held at the Bedford Middle School Cafeteria between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM. 

There will be a $5.00 registration fee due at the time of registration. 

*Third grade boys may be carried but do not have to be played.

CENTERVILLE (CUMBERLAND VALLEY) will also hold registration on

Tuesday, September 5 at the CENTERVILLE REC PARK, FROM 6-7PM.

Anyone interested in coaching call Dave Miller: 356-3364.


               CHEERLEADER (“The Bedford PomPom Cheerleaders”) registration for the 2006 Flag Football Season will be held for girls in grades 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 on Tuesday, September 5th.  Registration will be held at the Bedford Middle School Cafeteria between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM. There will be a $10.00 registration fee plus $28.00 uniform payment collected at the time of registration.

Cheerleader Camp will be held at the Bedford High School with the Varsity Cheerleaders on Tuesday, September 12 from 5:00 PM until 6:30 PM.

***Note*** New uniforms will be available to purchase at a cost of $28.00 per person. This will include a T-Shirt, Sweatshirt and Shorts.   Payment can be made the night of registration in cash or a check made
payable to 
Bedford Pom-Pom Cheerleaders. Payments will be accepted until Sept. 12th only. 


**Registration for both will also be accepted at the Bedford Parks and Recreation office

until Thursday, September 7th, please call 623-5693.

Children eligible to register must reside in Bedford Borough, Bedford Township, Colerain Township, Rainsburg Borough, Harrison Township, Manns Choice Borough, Snake Spring Township, or Cumberland Valley Township.




Bedford Area Board of Parks and Recreation

2006 Flag Football


The Bedford Area Boy’s Football Program is organized through the provisions of the Bedford Area Board of Parks and Recreation and its affiliated Recreation Councils.  The league will be designated as Flag Football and will be for boys in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades.  Each boy must have the opportunity to play in each game he attends.



1. Each team is directly under the control of the local recreation council.  The council supplies volunteer coaches, equipment, officials, and fields.


2.  The office of Parks and Recreation shall:

1.       Provide league organization, scheduling and funding for two officials.

2.       Schedule a special meeting in accordance with the following steps when a coach determines that a rule violation has affected the outcome of the game.

a.       Within 24 hours after the game, the coach shall present in writing a description of the violation.

b.       This written violation must be delivered to the Rec. Office.

c.        Each coach involved will then appoint a coach from the league to serve as arbitrators, along with the Recreation Director to determine the outcome of the protest.

d.       The decision of the arbitration committee shall be final.

3.      Game officials shall consist of head linesman and referee.  The head linesman shall undertake the functions of official scorer.

4.      Coaches shall:

a.      Understand flag football and special league rules.

b.      Be responsible for his team’s behavior and well being while on the playing field and during practice sessions.

c.       Co-operate with game and league officials.

d.      Be registered.

5.      All boys shall be required to have home or school insurance before participating.  The Board and/or the Recreation council will not be responsible for carrying insurance.

6.      Assistant Coaches must be chosen from the team you draft.



1.      No player shall be able to play unless he is determined in sound physical health by a physician.

2.      Each boy must be listed on a team roster and have a registration form on file in the Recreation Office prior to the first practice.

3.      The determination of a boy’s eligibility according to residence will be in accordance with the constitution of the local recreation council.

4.      Any boy in 4th, 5th, 6th grade that will not be 13 before February 1 is eligible.

5.      Third graders may be carried but do not have to be played.



Each coach will be responsible for the enforcement of the above player’s rules.


FLAG FOOTBALL RULES:  Flag football is an adoption of regulation football designed for more informal play and to teach and develop the basic skills of the game.  Dangerous physical contact has been removed as much as possible.  The only rules, which have been changed, are mentioned, all other rules will remain in force according to current rules of NCAA football. 


The playing field shall be 80 yards by 40 yards with seven to ten yard end zones.  All fields should be properly marked to include in-line yard markers and 4 twenty-yard zones.


Ball:  Official Little League Intermediate.


Equipment:     1.    No protective equipment other than supporter, knee and ankle braces                       and mouth guards.

2.      All players must wear the same color shirts.

3.      Tennis shoes only or rubber spikes.

4.      Flags must be 12” from belt – (minimum).

5.      Both coaches prior to the start of the game should approve all flags.




Teams:     A team will consist of 11 players.

                 Any player must be at least 5 yards from the sideline at the start of the play.


Length of Game:  There will be two 25-minute halves with 10 minute half time; stop clock 2 minutes prior to end of game.  There are 3 one minute time outs per half; change field position after half.


Choice of Goals:  As in regular football.


Kick-Off:         1.   Any kick going over the opponent’s goal line without possession is a                                    touchback.  Ball will be put in play on the 20-yard line.

2.      The defensive line team must have at least five men on the 40-yard line on kick-offs.

3.      The ball will be placed or dropkicked from the defensive team’s 30-yard line.  The receiving team has the option of taking the ball at the point of going out of bounds or requesting another kick-off.

4.      Kick-off must travel 10 yards before it can be declared a legal kick.  Kicking team is penalized 5 yards and must kick over it if recovers the ball.  There is no on-side kicks permitted.

5.      Kick-offs may be advanced after hitting the ground.  A punt is declared dead where it hits the ground.


Scrimmage:  The general rules of regular football apply.  The offensive team must have at least five men on the line of scrimmage.  The center passes the ball back between his legs to one of the backfield men, who endeavors to advance it by running, kicking, or passing forward, sideward or backward.  The backfield players may not be moving toward the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped.


If the offensive team has not advanced the ball twenty yards in four consecutive downs, 1st down when team crosses next closest yard line the ball goes to the opponents.


Passes:  The two ends and backfield men of the offensive team are eligible pass receivers.  Any defensive player may intercept a pass.  One forward pass may be attempted on each play in a series of downs, even though previous passes were incomplete.


In case of interference with the pass receiver by a defensive player, the pass is ruled as complete.  In case of interference with a defensive player during pass, the offensive team is penalized 10 yards from the previous line of scrimmage.


A forward pass may be thrown from any point behind the line of scrimmage.


If a forward pass is incomplete and hits the ground, it is regarded merely as an incomplete pass.


Dead Ball:  An incomplete sideward or backward pass is a dead ball.  The same applies to a pass from center, which is fumbled.  In both cases, a down is charged against the offensive team.  The rule for fumbles will apply here.  Ball is dead where it first hits the ground.


Downed Ball:  A ball carrier is considered down and the ball dead when an opposing player secures possession of carrier’s flag.  In the event the ball carrier’s flag becomes detached without being removed by an opponent; the ball is dead at the spot.


Out of Bounds:   As in regular football.


Scoring:  A touchdown scores six points and safety scores two points.  The definition of both touchdown and safety is the same as in regular football.  If goal posts are available, the point for placement may be attempted.  Otherwise, a running or passing attempt may be tried, with the ball placed on the defender’s two-yard line.

                                              PAT running – One point

                                                PAT passing – Two points

                                                Safety - Two points free kick from the 20-yard zone line.


Bench Conduct:  No player or coach will use obscene language, bait, and good or otherwise be disrespectful to an official.  Personal foul penalty 10 yards spot of foul.  If repeated, banishment from ballpark.



Rules and Penalties:  The following are fouls:

1.      Tackling, pushing, tripping, holding or roughing another player.  Penalty – loss of 10 yards from the point of contact.

2.      Tackling and roll blacking a ball carrier and pushing out of bounds automatic ejection from game.  Personal foul:  Penalty – 10 yards spot of foul.

3.      Offside or motion rule and penalty as in regular football – 5 yards.

4.      Use of hands or leaving feet in an attempt to block an opponent.  No player will block an opponent below the hips.  Penalty – loss of 10 yards.

5.      Intentionally delaying the game.  Penalty – loss of 5 yards for the first two offenses; loss of ball for third offense.

6.      Wrapping, tying or securing the flag to any part of the uniform is un-sportsman-like conduct.  Protecting the flag or stiff-arm.  Penalty – 10 yards from point of violation.


Blocking:  A blocker must be on his feet before and during contact with his opponent.  The block will be executed in an upright or semi-upright position.  Blocking will be permitted only from the waist and above, excluding the head.  Both hands must be in contact with the shirt during all blocks.  High-low blocks are not permitted.  Personal penalty – 10 yards spot of foul.


Use of hands:  Players on offense may not use hands on opponents at any time.


Fumbles:   Any ball that is fumbled or muffed during a scrimmage play, after a lateral pass, kick, run, or pass from center is a dead ball belonging to the offensive team where it strikes the ground.  A ball passed from center which first strikes the ground is a dead ball belongs to the offensive team.


                        VIOLATION:  Ball dead at spot.


Punt:  Kick must be signaled for.  No rushing on Kick.  Defensive team cannot cross scrimmage line.  Kicker must get kick off without delay.  Both teams must hold until ball is kicked.


10 Yard Penalty: Minimum of 3 Defensive linemen must be in a 3 or 4- point stance inside the ends.

Offensively you need 5 down linemen.


Game Time:  5:00 p.m.  5:15 p.m. for forfeit.


Coaches:  Defensive coaches must be off the field before the ball is snapped – 5- yard penalty.


Coaches:  Offensive coaches may remain on the field during play.  Limited to two.


Coaches:  Time between plays is limited to 45 seconds.  1st time: warning, 2nd time: delay of game, 5- yard penalty.






PO BOX 475


BEDFORD, PA  15522

Phone 814-623-5693





NAME___________________________________________________ GRADE  __________



eMAIL ADDRESS_______________________________________________

HOME PHONE _________________   PARENTS WORK PHONE _______________


BIRTH DATE __________________________AGE ________


Circle the program for which this registration is being made:


Baseball        Softball        Basketball        Tennis         FOOTBALL        GOLF  Other__________________________________



We, the parents of __________________________________, have seen that our child has been examined by a physician and is in sound physical health.  We agree to provide accident insurance through our private company to cover our child, as the Bedford Area Board of Parks and Recreation will carry no insurance.  We are aware and understand there are certain assumed risks involved with our childs participation in the activity circled above, and we will not hold the Bedford Parks and Recreation, Old Bedford Village and/or any of the sponsoring agencies liable for any personal loss or injury that may occur.  We are aware that the Bedford Board of Parks and Recreation does NOT sanction or sponsor any competition that involves children from outside the municipalities listed below.


Your signature is also needed for release of photo for use on the Website-no names will be listed.  Please sign here if you DO NOT want your childs photo used on the Website.


Declining photo release:


Parent/Guardian signature___________________________________________ .


Please circle area of Residency:           


Snake Spring Township    Cumberland Valley Township

Londonderry Township     Harrison Township

Bedford Township            Bedford Boro

Rainsboro Boro                Manns Choice Boro

Hyndman Boro                 Colerain Township



Parent/Guardian Signature:_________________________________

Date: ______________