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T-BALL 2006:




1.      Participants playing age must be 5, 6, or 7 years old.  Playing age is determined by their age on April 30.

Note:  Players may play in Minor League if parents agree.  They may not play in both leagues.

2.      It is recommended that T-ball rosters not exceed 15 players.

3.      No league standings will be kept.  There will be no type of playoffs of Championship game played.

4.      The T-ball program offered by Bedford Parks and Recreation encourages positive support of all participants.  No negative chanting such as, "He's no batter!" will be permitted.

5.      The T-ball season will consist of six scheduled games.  Any cancellations due to the weather will not be rescheduled.

6.      No team awards other than player participation certificates issued by local Rec. Councils will be permitted.

7.      Two defensive coaches are permitted on the field for instructional purposes.  Coaches are not permitted to touch a live ball, but may assist in positioning and organizing their players.

8.      An offensive coach is permitted on the field for instructional purposes.  Coaches are not permitted to assist runners in the field of play.

9.      Protective helmets are required on all base runners and batters.

10.  No defensive player occupies the catchers position.  A volunteer or coach will act as umpire and catcher.  This person will announce the ball ready for play after all defensive players are in position and ball is properly placed on the T.

11.  Coach will throw 3 pitches to player (overhand or underhand), and then the T will be brought out.

12.  Distances between bases will be the same as Little League, 60 feet.

13.  Only balls carrying the mark Official Tee Ball, will be permitted.

14.  Bats must carry the mark Official T-Ball or Official Little League to be permitted.

15.  Base runners must stay in contact with the base until the ball is hit.

16.  The side is retired and teams switch positions when all batters have batted.  Runners on base remain there throughout the inning.

17.  A foul ball is the same as conventional baseball with the following exception.  A ball that does not travel beyond the ten-foot semi-circle in fair territory is also considered a foul ball.

18.  Bunting is not permitted in T ball.  Batters must attempt to take a full swing each time at bat.

19.  The length of each game will be two to three innings at the discretion of the coaches.  Both teams will bat all batters each inning.

20.  Players will be permitted in the field of play at one time.  They are to be positioned according to the following criteria:

A)     One pitcher who must be in contact with the pitching rubber when the ball is hit

21.  Players who throw the bat will be warned the first time, and called out the second time.

22. No player shall be added to the roster after the first game without the Parks and Recs Directors approval.

23.  The player must play in the township that he/she lives.


Additional Rules:

1.  Each manager must designate on his roster (3) players, (1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice) to be moved up to Minor League in the event a Minor League roster falls below the 12-player limit.

Have a great t-ball season!