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Bedford Parks And Rec

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Spring Ball Registration
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Umpires are always needed for Little League,     phone 623-5693.





1.      Age on April 30 must be 9-12.

2.      Players must be residents of the area represented by their team

3.      New players must try-out to be eligible for the draft.  If they dont try-out, they dont play.

4.      Every player must have an official registration form filed in the Rec. office.

5.      Head Coach is only chosen coach until after the draft.

6.      Player must play in township which he lives.

7.      No player shall be added to the roster after the first game with out approval of the Parks and Rec director.


Rules & Regulations:

1.      Rosters must be made up of no more than 15 players nor less than 12.

2.      If due to injury, vacation, etc., a roster falls below the 12-player limit for a two-week period, the coach must draft from the minor league.  The player can play both little and minor league. 

3.      No team may have more than 8 players age 12 on their roster.

4.      All rosters must be on file in the Rec. office or you don't play or practice.

5.      Bats must have tape or rubber molding.

6.      All players must play (3) three consecutive innings except players specifically designated in the scorebook as being denied the right to play for disciplinary reasons. This must be discussed and agreed upon prior to the start of the game.

7.      Only rubber spikes are permitted. 

8.      Catchers must wear helmets, throat protectors, and plastic athletic cups.

9.      All safety rules as outlined in the Little League Rule Book must be adhered to.

10. Runners must be in contact with the base when the ball crosses home plate. Leaving early team warning first time, then runner is called out.

11. No negative comments or chanting.

12. A missing base must be appealed by a player.



1.      If you pitch less than (4) innings, one-day rest is mandatory.

2.      If you pitch (4) or more innings, three days rest is mandatory.  Delivery of one pitch or any amount more than that constitutes an inning.

3.      You may pitch a maximum of (6) innings a week Monday through Saturday.  Example:  You may pitch (6) innings on Friday and (6) innings on Tuesday.

4.      *Only two players of league age 12 may be used as pitchers during a calendar week.  Each is limited to a total of (6) innings and subject to rest periods previously described.  (12 innings by 12 yr. olds total)


Field Dimensions:

1.      Pitching distance shall be 46 feet.

2.      Base distance shall be 60 feet.




EH is not to be confused with a DH (designated hitter).  EH only bats, a DH bats for a player who plays a position in the field.


EH- An EH can be inserted into the lineup (batting order) 1 through 10 in Little League, or 1 through 11 in minor league.


If a team is going to utilize the EH during that game, the team must insert the EH in a designated spot in the lineup prior to the game.  You must inform the other team preferably during the line-up exchange or at the latest before the first pitch of the game.

For Example:  You have 9 players (LL); 10 (ML) at the start of a game, but you know another player will be coming at approximately the second inning and  (you) the coach would like to utilize the EH throughout the game, you must place the EH in the line-up prior to the game.  If the extra player is not available when the EH position is due to bat an out will be recorded for that team.  Another player already in the line- up cannot bat in the EH position.


An individual player cannot be designated the EH for more than 50% of the teams played innings for the entire year.  Our goal is to develop a complete baseball player not one-dimensional.


The goal is to allow as many players as possible to participate during the course of a game.



      Remember you, as the coach should represent honesty and integrity in the eyes of the boys who are playing for you.  If you look to bend, ignore, or vary an existing rule, what message are you sending to your players?


Have a great season!!!!