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  • There will be NO SMOKING on the ball fields or in the dugouts during practices or games.
  • Do not criticize players in front of spectators.
  • Accept decisions of the game officials on the field as being called fair, to the best ability of said officials.
  • Do not criticize an opposing team, its players, coaches or fans by word of mouth or by gestures.
  • Emphasize that winning a game is the result of “team work”.
  • Strive to make every activity serve as a training ground for life and basis for good mental and physical health.
  • Emphasize that good athletes strive to be good students and that both are physically and mentally alert.
  • Refrain from excessive “sideline coaching”.  Do not leave the assigned area to shout instructions from the sidelines.
  • Coaches: Together with game officials, be jointly responsible for the conduct and the CONTROL OF TEAMS, fans and spectators.  Any fan who becomes a nuisance, out of control or aggressive will be asked to leave the game and field area.  Remember fan and player reaction will usually be in step with your reaction.
  • Refrain from using abusive or profane language directed towards anyone connected with the game.  ABUSIVE OR PROFANE LANGUAGE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ON THE LITTLE LEAGUE GROUNDS OR TOWARD ANY PERSON IN ATTENDANCE.
  • There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed on the school or park grounds.
  • Do not deliberate incite unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Any player shall be removed from the game when even slightly in doubt of his/her health, whether or not as a result of injury, until competent medical advice is available.
  • Uphold all rules and regulations, national and local.
  • The official shall report to the Parks and Rec Director, within 24 hours, after the end of a game all violations of rules and other incidents worthy of comment, including the disqualification of any manager, coach, player or spectator and reason therefore.
  • When any manager, coach, player is disqualified for a flagrant offense such as the use of indecent language or assault upon an official, manager, coach or player, the official shall forward full particulars to the Parks and Rec Director within 24 hours after the end of the game.
  • In the case of a player, the manager shall appear with the player in the capacity of an advisor. The members of the Board of Directors present at the meeting shall impose such penalty as they feel is justified.

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