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Umpires for girls softball are always needed, phone 623-6965.





            Game Length:   Pre-Teen and Teen 6 Innings

            Time:                 6:00 p.m.     Forfeit 6:15 p.m.

            Age:                   Teen 13-17

            Age Deadline:   DECEMBER 31

            Playing Time:   All players must play two innings.

Registration:     All girls must be registered in the Rec. Office to be eligible to play or practice.  No player shall be added to the roster after the first game with out the approval of the director of Parks and Rec.  Player must play in the township that she lives

Rain or Darkness:   Umpires may call a game complete after four (4) complete innings.

Equipment:            Approved softball bats only.  No softballs may be used that have a poly-core center.  Full catching gear, including throat protector and catchers helmet is required.  Helmets for batters and runners are required.  Only rubber/plastic spikes are permitted.

Pitching Distances: 40 feet Teen            35 feet Pre-Teen

Base Distances:     60 feet

Batting Tee:            Pre-Teen - Is required anytime a batter receive 4 balls.  A semicircle 10 feet in front of home plate shall be marked to indicate that the ball is in play anytime it goes beyond that line when hit off the tee.  After ball 4one swing off of the T. Pitcher must stay within 10-foot circle when T is in play.

                                                Teen T is not used.


Rules for Pre-Teen League


1.      Pitcher may use a sling shot delivery only.  (No windmill delivery is permitted)

2.      No bunting.

3.      No stealing; no advancement by runner on any wild pitch or passed ball.

4.      No advancement by batter on a dropped 3rd strike.  Runners may not advance on base.

5.      Pitching distance 35 feet

6.      Runner cant leave base until the ball is batted.




EH is not to be confused with a DH (designated hitter).  EH only bats, a DH bats for a player who plays a position in the field.


EH- An EH can be inserted into the lineup (batting order) 1 through 10 in Little League, or 1 through 11 in minor league.


If a team is going to utilize the EH during that game, the team must insert the EH in a designated spot in the lineup prior to the game.  You must inform the other team preferably during the line-up exchange or at the latest before the first pitch of the game.

For Example:  You have 9 players (LL); 10 (ML) at the start of a game, but you know another player will be coming at approximately the second inning and  (you) the coach would like to utilize the EH throughout the game, you must place the EH in the line-up prior to the game.  If the extra player is not available when the EH position is due to bat an out will be recorded for that team.  Another player already in the line- up cannot bat in the EH position.


An individual player cannot be designated the EH for more than 50% of the teams played innings for the entire year.  Our goal is to develop a complete baseball player not one-dimensional.


The goal is to allow as many players as possible to participate during the course of a game.



Have a Great 2006