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Bedford Parks And Rec

Summer Mini Camps
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Summer Mini Camps
Spring Ball Registration
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The Bedford Area Board of Parks and Recreation

2006 Mini-Camp

Registration Information

announcing the summer schedule for 2006


Keep your children active and busy over the summer

by enrolling them in the Bedford Parks and Recreation Mini-Camp Program.

Mini-Camps are open to students within the Bedford Area School District

who have completed grades 1 through 8.

Mini-Camps are offered for 6 weeks beginning the week of June 12th, 2006

and will end the week of July 17th, 2005.  There will be no camp on Tuesday, July 4th, but will resume on Wednesday, July 5th, 2006.  Each camp will run Monday through Friday mornings from 8:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. and begin at the Bedford High School Parking Lot.  Each mini-camp is designed to provide participants exposure, fundamental instruction

and game like experiences in a variety of activities.


Once again swimming lessons will be offered and are being given at Shawnee State Park. Lessons will be given for 1 hour per day over a two-week period. 

The other hour will include an organized activity for your child to enjoy

at the Bedford Middle School.  Classes offered include pre-beginner, beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate.  Higher-level courses will be offered based on interest and availability of instructors.

***Again in 2006: at no extra cost, a daily lunch will be served

for the children attending the Mini Camps,

the lunch is being offered thru a government grant.


There is a $5.00 registration fee for each child.

You may send the Registration Form and $5.00 to the

Bedford Parks and Recreation Office, P.O. Box 475, Bedford, PA 15522,

no later than Friday, May 26, 2006.


Please refer to the bus schedule listed on the back of this page.  When the weather forces the cancellation of activities for the day, the local radio stations are notified

by 7:15 AM to make announcements.  All activities are cancelled on these days.


Please refer to the listing of mini-camps on the registration sheet

to determine the activities that are available to your child.

Please keep a record for yourself below of the dates and mini-camps that your child had pre-registered for and make every effort to see that your child attends all the mini-camps they have signed up for so that our office can plan efficiently.  Our office does not confirm your child’s registration.

Week 1:

Week 4:

Week 2:

Week 5:

Week 3:

Week 6:

*Please note that The Parks and Recreation Board have the right to terminate your child’s enrollment if discipline problems develop.


If you have any questions please feel free to call

The Recreation Office at 623-5693 during the hours of 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

Bedford Parks and Recreation PO Box 475 Bedford PA 15522










Two bus routes have been established to accommodate

those students who live the greatest distance away from the school.

Please be patient waiting on the bus, as there may be road construction.



Busses will make scheduled runs and arrive at Bedford High School at 8:30 AM each day of the week.  Those participating in swimming and bowling will be transported from BHS to Shawnee State Park and the Elks via the bus.  The bus routes have been established to accommodate as many people as possible.  Students may ride the bus to participate in any of the supervised mini-camps offered, or parents wishing to transport may drop students off at the parking lot located beside the Bedford High School. By reviewing the bus routes estimate the time that the bus will pass by your nearest pick up point. 

***Any time that child rides a bus to our mini-camps and is NOT using the bus to travel home please provide the bus driver with a written note.


Bus Route #1 - Cumberland Valley, Colerain, Snake Spring

The route starts at the old Cumberland Valley Elementary School in Centerville at approximately 7:25 AM.  The bus proceeds north on Route 220 until turning right onto Upper Teaberry Road then onto Sweet Route Road and continuing past the Bedford Springs to Bedford.  In Bedford, the route will continue by turning east onto Route 30 to the Narrows Bridge.  The bus will then turn right onto Route 326 turning at Egolf Park Road to travel out to Colerain Recreation Field; this is where the bus will turn around.  The bus will then proceed to St. Marks Lutheran Church on Main Road.  At the church, the bus will go straight until intersecting Route 30.  The bus will pass Route 30 just east of the hospital and proceed to Snake Spring Christian Academy and then return to Bedford High School Parking Lot via Route 30. 


Bus Route #2 – Hyndman, Manns Choice, Wolfsburg, Bedford Elementary, Orchard Heights

The route begins with a bus leaving from Christ Lutheran Church in Buffalo Mills at 7:45 AM.  The bus runs north on Route 96 through Manns Choice until turning left onto Pensyl Hollow Road and continues to Cessna.  At Cessna the bus will turn south on old Route 220 and proceed through the turnpike interchange.   The bus will pick up at Bedford Elementary School and travel thru Orchard Heights via North Juliana Street.  The route continues from Orchard Heights by turning left onto old Route 220 north until turning left onto Weber Lane (entrance to JLG) to Wolfsburg. In Wolfsburg the bus will turn left onto Route 30 and continue to Bedford through Lakewood Manor and then Lakewood and past the fairgrounds.  Then proceed to Bedford High School Parking Lot.


2006 Mini Camp Schedule 

Name_______________________________ Age________ Phone_____________


Email Address______________________________________________________

Birth Date_______________ Sex ________ Grade Completed________________

Circle the municipality where you reside:

Bedford Borough

Bedford Township

Colerain Township

Cumberland Valley

Harrison Township

Hyndman Borough

Londonderry Township

Manns Choice Borough


Rainsburg Borough

Snake Spring Township

Please place an “X” next to your selection.  Grades are based on the grade just completed.


Week of:

Boys Gr. 1-4

Boys Gr. 5-8

Girls Gr. 1-4

Girls Gr. 5-8

6/12 – 6/16


___ Baseball

___ Golf



___ Swimming


___ Golf

___ Cooking I

___ Basketball


___ Swimming


6/19– 6/23

___ Bowling

___ Basketball

___ Swimming

___ Bowling

___ Soccer

___ Cooking II


___ Swimming

6/26– 6/30

___ Swimming


___ Bowling

___ Baseball

___ Football


___ Cheerleading


___ Bowling

7/3– 7/7

___ Swimming

___ Soccer

___ Basketball

___ Tennis

___ Arts & Crafts

___ Soccer

___ Cooking I & II

___ Cheerleading


7/10 – 7/14

___ Wrestling

___ Soccer


___ Wrestling

___ Cooking

___ Swimming

___ Volleyball

___ Arts & Crafts


7/17 – 7/21

___ Football

___ Cooking

___ Golf

___ Tennis


___ Swimming

___ Basketball

___ Golf

___ Tennis

We the parents of  ___________________________________ have seen that our child has been examined by a physician and is in sound physical health.  We agree to provide accident insurance through our private company to cover our child since the Bedford Area Board of Parks and Recreation is carrying no insurance.  We are aware and understand that there are certain assumed risks involved with our son/daughter’s participation in the above mentioned activity, and we will not hold Bedford Parks and Recreation and/or any of the sponsoring agencies liable for any personal loss or injury that may occur.  We are aware that the Bedford Board of Parks and Recreation does not sanction or sponsor any competition that involves children from outside the municipalities listed above.

Please list any allergies or special medical conditions that may exist so the best possible care may be given to your child in an emergency.   ________________________________________________________________________


If your child has registered for swimming, please answer the following questions to assist us in proper placement in a swimming class.

1). How many years has your child taken swimming lessons?  ________________________________

2). What is the highest-level swimming course you child has passed?  _________________________


__________________________________________                        ______________________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                   Date



Print Name


______________ $5.00 CASH OR CHECK ENCLOSED